Speedometer discs - speedometer design - exclusive accessories for your vehicle!

We carry a wide range of completely finished dials for many different vehicle models! All products become an absolute highlight thanks to exclusive, selected designs. Leave a lasting impression with your unique speedometer design! We currently have over 5000 different dials in our range. And our range is constantly being expanded with new dials and exclusive accessories.


Our advice

Speedometer Discs for Opel Calibra - TURBO
High quality Dials set in exclusive colors and designs! With this product, you can give your car a unique new look!
from 34,78 EUR
Speedometer Dials for series BMW E38 E39 E53 - M5 DISPLAY-DARK

Short overview:
  • great increase in value
  • does not have to be adjusted
  • Various display values are available
  • for Gasoline and Diesel models
from 34,78 EUR